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I'm now heavily involved with neighbourhood affairs. Yonge Street lies just 50 meters from my window. And the street is at a critical "tipping point". It could develop into one of the world's great streets, or the North Downtown portion could. But that will require some moderation in the condo plans that developers have proposed. Witnin just a few blocks, there are plans for more than 5,000 new condos, and the total is expected to increase. If it goes the wrong way, Yonge Street could be tranformed into a lifeless glass and concerte canyon. The next 12 months really are the tipping point for North Downtown Yonge Street.

Our local neighbourhood association is in the process of being born - we're incorporated, but our first General Meeting is to take place tonight. I have been actively involved with the Church Wellesley Neighbourhood Association (cwna.ca). I'm concerned about the building that is proposed for the Yonge Street lot just 10 meters from my window and have establishe3d a website to provide information about that proposal (501yonge.ca). All of this has led me to think long and hard about urban design - my first article on the subject was published this month.

There are articlles, position papers, and proposals at various stages of development. Two may be of some general interest:

Draft Vision for Church Wellesley Neighbourhood

Proposed Great Yonge Street Conference